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Web Design Services        
  • Are you presenting your company image professionally?

  • Are you offering leading edge products with an ancient website?

  • Do you spend more time maintaining your website than selling your business?

  • Can your customers find you quickly in the various search engines?

    We have many years experience in web-based business and know what's important when presenting your products and services on the world-wide-web. Today's search engines perform over 100,000 web searches per hour and just as many companies are fighting for the top search prize. We can increase your exposure and success rate:

  • • Design a Website specific to your companies image and market.
    • How about a Calendar of events? (Check out our Calendar sample)
    • Present your products and services in an organized manner.
    • Present your products and services in an organized manner.
    • Add appropriate keywords and metatags to your Website.
    • Subscribe your Website to the major search engines.
    • Maintain your Website as updates and changes are needed.

How about sending your customers and electronic advertisement or greeting? We can do custom FLASH ads to really get your customers attention!

Please contact us for a complete list of webites from Kalos. Some follow:
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